Apply for a Job

Searching for and landing a full-time job is a job of its own. With employers making a big investment in their new hires, they expect candidates to invest time to show why they're the perfect fit.

The Search

Without some definition behind a position and role that align with your career track, you can invest dozens of hours into job searches that lead no where.

How to Structure Your Search

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Title & Function

A job's position most closely ties to its function while its title (e.g., associate) usually reflects required experience.

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It's a good idea to research industries to understand the value chain and where some of your target companies fit in.


If you're open to relocating, you can cast a wider net, keeping in mind not all employers help pay for the move.

Experience Level

Without several years of post-college work experience in a given function, you should seek entry-level positions.

Date Posted

Avoid listings older than a month, as those employers may be xx or may have forgotten to take it down.

Common Search Resources


Handshake focuses specifically on recent college grads and entry-level jobs.


LinkedIn serves up positions that align with the skills and experiences in your profile.


Indeed is a quick way to find and apply for jobs without first creating a lengthy profile.


For in-depth reviews on company culture and pay, GlassDoor is a great source.

The Application

Applications can vary greatly in length, from LinkedIn's Easy Apply to Taleo's labor-intensive online forms. A well-crafted resume and set of supporting documents will give you the ammo needed to complete any application.

The Core Material

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Personal Info

Applications require basic contact info and optional questions, such as your ethnicity and whether you have a disability or are a veteran.

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A resume that conveys your unique skills and experiences in one glance could be the edge that gets you a call over 50 other applicants.

What Makes a Good Resume

Tailored to the Position

Don't lean on the cover letter to show alignment to the position. Have 3+ versions of your resume for distinct types of roles.

Continuity in Experience

If a work or academic experience doesn't contribute in some way to the job description or your career path, remove it.

Use Bullets that POP

Don't just recite duties you performed. Use powerful verbs and quantifiable activities to show why each was purposeful.

The Rest of the Package

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+ Cover Letter

A cover letter tells the story of why you and your skill sets are a great match for this position, in particular.

+ Your Portfolio

Many tech and UX positions allow you to provide a link to your personal website, blog or GitHub account.