Being social drained my bank account

Even though I had a limited number of costs to cover in college, one constant battle I fought was making the tradeoff between expensive nights out with friends and not running out of money.

When it comes to social activities, I'm very much a "Yes Man," unwilling to turn down fun. That became a problem at Age 21 when my "rich friends" wanted to do brunch and bars on the reg. As a result, most of my allowance money went toward food and drinks, often dipping my bank account balance into double digits and giving way to unpleasant conversations with my parents.

What I discovered is how much environment played a factor in my spending decisions during school. And that really got me in trouble. One's friend group could mean the difference between a $500+ "fun budget" and one that doesn't require any spending.

If you have trouble saying "no" to fun, I suggest you do what I resorted to: replacing your credit card with cash when going out.