Saving on groceries in four quick steps

1. Start taking lunch

While it’s the most obvious solution, taking my lunch to work several times a week will help cut down on food costs. Eating out is getting expensive. Lunch used to cost $10 to $12 now cost $15+. It all adds up. It's also healthier.

2. Buy in BULK

Buying in bulk allows me to take advantage of special deals as and when they arise. Also, looking for deals on sites is becoming an almost fun past time. I bought a years supply of high quality dishwasher tablets the other day for 80% off.

3. Use a discount site

I might be late to the party here, but I have started using these sites for as much shopping as possible. Especially items like groceries. Getting cash back each month is a nice little feeling, even if we have to spend money to make money.

4. Stop the Waste

We waste billions on food every year. While I’ve been pretty good at not wasting food, there is always room for improvement. Coupled with “1. taking my lunch”, this should help us drive down costs.