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Start a portfolio

Investing aimlessly in stocks with no clear goal will set you back over the long run, even if some of those investments do well in the interim.

Identify your end goal

Growing your retirement fund versus xxx entail remarkably different approaches

Guiding factors to consider


The goals that you outline above should guide your investment choice and payback timeline.

Risk tolerance

These penalties are usually $25 to 40 and are charged when the minimum balance is not paid by the billing due date. 


When might you need to turn your investments back into cash? A xxx is one reason xxx

Existing debt

This fee is charged when transferring a card's balance to another card with a lower interest rate. 


When making a cash advance, this fee is often about 2 to 3% of the cash withdrawn.

A few examples

Grow wealth

Interest is charged on any portion of your credit card balance not paid by the statement due date.


Your rate is based off the U.S. prime rate, plus a variable rate reflective of your creditworthiness.

Future financing

If you're just interested in earning a return on idle cash, consider securities with predictable cash flow, like bonds.

Build your portfolio

One of the great perks of credit cards are their lucrative reward schemes that give you a return on everyday spending that you do anyway.

Where to begin

Decide allocation

Rather than investing all of your funds in a single asset, you'll want to partition the total amount across assets to reduce risk.

Pick a broker

These cards accrue rewards based on pre-defined rates for select categories or merchants, along with an introductory bonus. 

A sample mix

70% funds

Cash and rewards points can usually be redeemed for gift cards or other goods through issuers' e-commerce portals. 

25% stocks

Travel rewards, in particular, can be used to book flights and hotel directly, from the travel partner or issuer's booking website.

5% cash

A small set of cash is always a good buffer to xxx


Diversification is crucial, no matter the market

It's common for beginner investors to invest in consumer-focused companies that they know well. But, being too heavily exposed to a specific sector, such as technology, can amplify losses when the market has a downturn. Incorporating a variety of companies and assets in your portfolio puts necessary bounds on how much you'll lose or gain.

Common investment firms

Known for their travel rewards cards, like their Venture and Quicksilver cards.

Recognized as a great brand for college students but is not always accepted everywhere.

Recognized as a premier brand for business travelers but is not always accepted everywhere.

Offers a wide variety of reward and co-branded cards, like the United MileagePlus card.